Rock River Voyageur paddle 09-12-2010

Trip Report Date:  09-12-2010           Leader: Walter Loos                                                        Co-Leader:  Jeff Reuter and Stacey Loos Body of Water:   Rock River                                      From:    Beloit, WI                                                               To:  Macktown Gage Station: USGS 05437500 ROCK RIVER AT ROCKTON, IL    Gage Height: 5.12      Discharge:  5870 Outdoor Temp:     84          Cloud Cover:  Sunny Number of Kayaks: 18           Number of Canoes: 6            Total Boats:  24   … Continue reading

Rock River Paddle 09-11-2010

Trip Report Date:                   9-11-2010                                             Leader:    Jeff Reuter                                                             Co-Leader: Body of Water:   Rock River                                           From:  Macktown                                                                 To:  Atwood Gage Height:     5.31″                                                     Discharge:   6230 Outdoor Temp:   55            Cloud Cover:   Cloudly with some rain Number of Kayaks:     5      Number of Canuce:      0       Total Boats:  5   Name                                                                    Start Time                             Elapsed Time              Length             … Continue reading

Trip Report from the Rock River (09-14-2008)

Trip Report Date: 09-14-2008                                     Leader: Jeff Reuter                      Co-Leader: Body of Water: Rock River               From: Macktown Park        To: Atwood Homestead Gage Height: 5.5 Ft.                                       Discharge: 6500 CFPS Outdoor Temp: 63              Cloud Cover: Must Cloud with Rain Number of Kayaks: 7          Number of Canoes: 0            Total Boats: 7 Jeff, Bill, Kathy, Wayne, Ellie, Bob, and Jean … Continue reading

Trip Report from the Kishwaukee (08-31-2008)

Trip Report Date: 08-31-2008                                     Leader: Jeff Reuter                      Co-Leader: Body of Water: Kishwaukee River               From: Baumann Park        To: Seth Atwood Forest Preserve Gage Height: 5.62 Ft.                                       Discharge: 280 CFPS Outdoor Temp: 86              Cloud Cover: Mustly Sunny Number of Kayaks: 4          Number of Canoes: 0            Total Boats: 4 … Continue reading

Horicon Marsh (9/28/08)

Date: 08-31-2008 Leader: Jean Burleson                                 Co-Leader: Bob Hollander Body of Water: Horicon Marsh From: Green head landing To: Legion Park    Distance: 7.5 miles   Avg. water depth 4.5 feet. Outdoor Temp: 65        Cloud Cover: Cloudy Number of kayaks: 7      Number of Canoes: 1  Total Boats: 8 Paddlers: Jean, … Continue reading

Lake Koshkonong Breakfast Paddle 2008

Date: Oct 19, 2008               Leader:  Jean Burleson               Co-Leader: Bob Hollander Body of Water:  Lake Koskonong/Rock River              From:  Royce Dahlman Cty Park                    To: Newville DNR Boat Landing                                  Outdoor Temp:  50’s             Cloud Cover:   Sunny becoming partly cloudy Number of Kayaks:    9       Number of Canoes:          1   Total Boats 10 Paddlers: Bob H., … Continue reading