Stateline Paddlers Membership Form

You can sign up to our club by filling out this online form.

I agree that I would like to become a member of the club and to take part in the Stateline Paddlers activities at my own risk. I will not hold Stateline Paddlers, its officers, trip host and/or members responsible for any injuries (including death) or property loss I may incur while taking part in club activities. I understand that paddling is assumed risk sport, and that Stateline Paddlers is a voluntary organization without professional leadership and that I am responsible for myself and my family.  By Submitting this form, I indicate that I have read this waiver and that neither I, nor any members of my family, will sue the club or anyone associated with it.

The Stateline Paddlers has no yearly dues however we do have some small charges to keep our club going, so we will do take donations at any of our events. Please fill out this form below for each member of your family for our records so long as their email is different.  You will then receive an email acknowledgement shortly. In this email acknowledgement you will need to click on the private link provided to complete your registration or update your information.  This membership information will stay confidential within the club.  You can also contact us at or by phone at 815-494-8502 if you have problems.  No solicitations please.


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  1. would appreciate some advice about purchasing a kayak have looked around at some of the different types, have done some kayaking using various kayaks suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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